Kept My Love Alive

Continuous and eternal, 
is how each beat of my heart forms.
The following letter in line to spell your name,
if I were to cut myself,
each droplet of blood as it hit the ground,
would spell the same. 

You're my life, my love, my purpose, 
and each breath I take strengthens this truth.
On that magical day when we first met,
happiness for me no longer became a pursuit. 

It is written,
that God rested on the seventh day.
Since you came into my life,
I no longer hold this to be true.
I do believe God rested on this day,
but only after the precise amount of precious time
was taken to create you. 

Long after I've turned to dust,
and my soul has completed its rise, 
long after the heaven's exist no more,
and crash down from the skies. 
My love for you will still be strong, 
my love for you will thrive,
due to the love you fed to my love.
Time after time, 
a love so strong, so pure, so true,
that it,
Kept my love alive, 

-Inmate 012