This Is Us

Slaying mythical beasts, demons and dragons
may have been a hobby of mine,
yet a hobby never achieved,
without you by my side. 

I sip hot lead,
only to spit out bullets.
Satan cowers beside me, 
for even he knows, 
how my wrath hath no limits.

Yet her! 
Slightest whisper forces me to obey
as if it were a command.
Her smile warms my heart,
her Love flows through my veins.
The aforementioned all go hand in hand.

The Sun rises up for her, 
yet she shares this blessing
with you and I,
with beasts and birds,
through grace and unselfishness, 
she's shared her day,
Sun now gets on hand and knee, 
to bow, to set, to show her,
the respect that she deserves. 

Together we reign, 
two beings, 
could never have been more different,
yet we are still also the same.
If I were to bellow her title
out into the winds,
an echo of her voice would return,
screaming my name. 

-Inmate 012