Without You

A Life Without You would be a life with no change,
my nights and days would fade to grey. 
Even to simply reach out to touch the rain,
that just wouldn't feel he same.

You're in every ray of sunshine,
that comes from up above,
every reason my nights don't ever go cold.
I hold you tight right now as we are young, 
and even tighter as we grow old. 

One hundred billion angels on high,
pale in comparison to the beauty you hold
outward and within. 
When given chance to behold your sights,
if chance not taken this truly would be sin. 

I thank you for the love you give me,
especially at those times when I was not worthy.
With honest pure truth from my heart,
this comes straight to you,
I say,
a world in which you do not exist,
is a world where I do not wish to be.

-Inmate 012