Topic: Write a letter to your daughter

Dear B, 
               I want you to continue focusing on your education and being the best person you can be, not for me but for yourself. As your father, it is essential to me that I show you all the right things in life and practice being the best role model for your existing surroundings. Remembering myself as a youth growing up, it's easy to see the things I missed out on. So, it is my duty as your father to guide you in life and help prepare for your future to become the most successful woman you can be. It's in my interest to be devoted and supportive towards you in anything you are trying to accomplish for your goals. Being the best father to my daughter is my desire. Growing up as a youth with my brothers and sisters, we had no father in our household to help us grow. So I am going to do my best to make sure you avoid what I went through during my life, on what I missed out on and what I could have accomplished. No matter what, I am always going to be by your side and be the parent that always encourages you to do good even if things aren't so good. Keep faith and think big because your imagination can be real if you work hard for it. 


-Inmate 327