Painfully Familiar

It hurts to be with you.
When I'm alone, I'm not afraid, 
I'm afraid to be alone. 
It hurts when you're near me,
don't take away my pain.
There's no longer any colour,
just empty shades of grey.
Please don't let me love you,
my love for you is pain.
I'll just wait right here,
for you to go away.
But don't leave me here alone,
don't take away my pain. 
Leave me when you're gone,
just don't go away. 
Alone I'll be without you,
naked and afraid. 
It's painfully familiar,
so don't take away my pain.
I'll love you when you leave, 
or even if you stay.
My heart's been used, I'm confused
and alone with all this pain. 

-Inmate S1