So Much

I’ve got so much love to give, 
And no one to give it to.
So I’m writing it down here,
In hopes that I find you.
Someone I can trust in, 
Someone I can hold,
And eventually grow old. 
Someone who will remember, 
Everything that’s special to me.
Someone I can count on, 
When I’m finally set free,
So I can hold onto this fantasy. 
This sort of waking dream, 
Where everything I wanted, 
Is exactly what it seems. 
I’ve got so much love to give, 
And I’ll lavish it all on you.
I am writing this poem, 
So you see that it is true. 
No more lovely nights, 
just because of what I do. 
I am writing to myself,
but always thinking of you.

-Inmate 550