Where would I be
If we never met?
Dead, prison, or stuck in the projects
Living life with no regrets
Always had money on my mind
But now I'm plotting to invest
Stocks and bonds
Shout out to my teacher
You're the f*&($& best
You stand out from the rest
Pushed me to the limit
I'm ready to excel ahead
Off to a greener pasture
Happily ever after
From the beginning
I drowned in the laughter
Ha Ha Ha
Look at me now
Can't see me
Moving like Casper
About to haunt all of you
That looked past me
Back in the day
I had to resort
to the Ski Mask Way
Did a couple stints
Now I'm setting my path straight
Hopefully I can be
an influence or reminder
Whatever the damn case
Anyway before I get sidetracked
Got to continue laying my pathway

-Inmate 030