Minister of Time

People to see, and things to do!
As journey to make or rest to take.
Many choices to make!
Different directions to make

At times uncertainty in a forecast
whether it is good, or perils to undergo!

To slowdown an' notice all
that is around ye
in the material plane.

Deep meditation
to not become insane...

From Genesis to an end,
There is something in the middle,
and also in the mind of men.

At times there are many solutions
to convolutions.
When time is gone. Yes! 
I mean no more. 

Does this realm exist?
Without a degree to label whether
thou is prompt or overdue

Time better wait!
For thy hates to be late!

-Inmate 016

Last Quarter of 2016

I believe these walls have ears.
They could even hear me thinking.
They could also see through my eyes,
and know when I'm blinking.
I have to leave this place!
Nor do I want to be a rat in this race.
My days go astray,
Could one make a blessed bed in hell?
Well then,
A good soul could make it through purgatory,
Without any worries,
And go somewhere else
Besides hell...

-Inmate 016


Take me back to a better place,
Need you Lord to take me away.
I need to see your beautiful face,
Need you to take me to better days.
I love the way you present yourself,
You're definitely one of a kind. 
I'll be there when you need my help,
Through the struggles, 
I'm doing just fine...

-Inmate 099 

Without You

A Life Without You would be a life with no change,
my nights and days would fade to grey. 
Even to simply reach out to touch the rain,
that just wouldn't feel he same.

You're in every ray of sunshine,
that comes from up above,
every reason my nights don't ever go cold.
I hold you tight right now as we are young, 
and even tighter as we grow old. 

One hundred billion angels on high,
pale in comparison to the beauty you hold
outward and within. 
When given chance to behold your sights,
if chance not taken this truly would be sin. 

I thank you for the love you give me,
especially at those times when I was not worthy.
With honest pure truth from my heart,
this comes straight to you,
I say,
a world in which you do not exist,
is a world where I do not wish to be.

-Inmate 012

Kept My Love Alive

Continuous and eternal, 
is how each beat of my heart forms.
The following letter in line to spell your name,
if I were to cut myself,
each droplet of blood as it hit the ground,
would spell the same. 

You're my life, my love, my purpose, 
and each breath I take strengthens this truth.
On that magical day when we first met,
happiness for me no longer became a pursuit. 

It is written,
that God rested on the seventh day.
Since you came into my life,
I no longer hold this to be true.
I do believe God rested on this day,
but only after the precise amount of precious time
was taken to create you. 

Long after I've turned to dust,
and my soul has completed its rise, 
long after the heaven's exist no more,
and crash down from the skies. 
My love for you will still be strong, 
my love for you will thrive,
due to the love you fed to my love.
Time after time, 
a love so strong, so pure, so true,
that it,
Kept my love alive, 

-Inmate 012

This Is Us

Slaying mythical beasts, demons and dragons
may have been a hobby of mine,
yet a hobby never achieved,
without you by my side. 

I sip hot lead,
only to spit out bullets.
Satan cowers beside me, 
for even he knows, 
how my wrath hath no limits.

Yet her! 
Slightest whisper forces me to obey
as if it were a command.
Her smile warms my heart,
her Love flows through my veins.
The aforementioned all go hand in hand.

The Sun rises up for her, 
yet she shares this blessing
with you and I,
with beasts and birds,
through grace and unselfishness, 
she's shared her day,
Sun now gets on hand and knee, 
to bow, to set, to show her,
the respect that she deserves. 

Together we reign, 
two beings, 
could never have been more different,
yet we are still also the same.
If I were to bellow her title
out into the winds,
an echo of her voice would return,
screaming my name. 

-Inmate 012



Oh dear!
My visual leaves me stun!
For it is clear that night brings her here...
She is that face in the moon! 
Maybe it is dementia?  
But, I do believe the creator sent her.
Is that her voice?
Stay up and don't go to bed,
Or is that just all in my head?
Well it is still clear, 
That face in the moon
I see it, 
So it is still there!

-Inmate 016